"DeRanger" Steve's Desert Bandanna
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Where will you be on the day Mother Nature walks up to you and goes
"Tag! You're it"?
The Desert Bandanna is a large (26"x26") bandanna that is also a nature and survival guide. A book printed on high quality muslin coverimgs the basic outdoor skills needed when things go wrong. Encompassing the Survival Triad (food/water, fire and shelter), First aid/CPR, what to do about wildlife, how to tie knots, plants, animals and desert lore the Desert Bandanna also talks about what you are experiencing; the emotions, stress and anxiety. Starting with; "Are You Lost??? Stop!!! Park your butt on a rock... " and continues through to the "Three Trials" and caring for your mental and physical self. It is the knowledge to give you the edge when things go wrong.

Play safe.___ ___
- DeRanger Steve -

Enjoy the outdoors safely. It's your responsibility.

There are Ten Basic Essentials for your immediate care and survival when things go wrong outdoors. They are: Water, matches or lighter, knife, whistle/cell phone, map & compass or GPS, Food, first aid kit, rain ponchos, solar blankets and 50ft of light rope.

These Ten Basic Essentials have often been the difference between life and death to someone who has been caught by oujtdoors and out of their control.

All proceeds from the
Desert Bandanna benefit
Service Dog Blue Djinn CGC
Legal Defense Fund.

Jin visits with Mary Poppins and Burt at his Disneyland proofing trial.

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There is also an 11th Essential.
So you know what to do with those Ten Basic Essentials.
The Desert Bandanna©

The Desert Bandanna© measures 26"x26" (66x66cm) and is printed in HiDef black on high quality unbleached muslin. Machine and river washable for durability and years of use. Handmade in the USA.

How many uses? 100+
Bandage, Sling,Dust Mask,Signal Flag, Pot Holder, Dish Towel, Polish fruit, coffee filter, Sweat band, Dew Rag, Eye patch, Triage, Make a splint, Ice Pack, Trail marker, Flag, Water filter, Placemat,Wrap breakables, Wash cloth, Cover food. Kindling, Neckerchief, Clean glasses and lenses, Wrap a gift, Canine bandana and to wipe the tears away.

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